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Παρατηρητήριο Εγνατίας Οδού

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special thanks are given to the Translations Dept. of EGNATIA ODOS S.A. for the continuous support in english language rendering.
The Egnatia Observatory was examined by the research institute NordRegio as a case study of the implementation of the ESDP (European Spatial Planning Perspective) in the context of the ESPON (European Spatial Planning Observatory Network).
More information on the project and access to the respective report may be found in the EPSON website











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Monitoring the developmental, spatial, environmental and transport impacts of the construction and operation of the axis

The Egnatia Motorway is a Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T) priority project. It represents a major investment in the transportation infrastructure of Northern Greece assisting the development of the region specifically and SE Europe in general.

Both the importance and the size of the investment necessitate the promotion of actions supplementary to construction that would multiply the benefits and mitigate the impacts from operation.

EGNATIA ODOS S.A. established and operates the Egnatia Motorway Observatory in order to: (a) support the integrated management of the motorway, (b) contribute to the utilization of the project in the cohesion and development of Northern Greece and the greater area of SE Europe, and (c) contribute to the harmonized assessment of impacts of Trans-European Transport Networks on the cohesion of the European area.

The Egnatia Motorway Observatory, based on documented scientific methods and the development of modern infrastructure of information systems collects, processes, and provides valid and updated data concerning parameters such as:

• the mobility in and accessibility to regions, urban centres, markets, and services,
• the development level, the cohesion degree, the competitiveness, and the intraregional inequalities,
• the building development and the networking of urban centres,
• the properties of the transport system and the operation of the road network, and
• the quality of the environment.

Through the Observatory, EGNATIA ODOS S.A. takes cares of the assessment of spatial impacts of the Egnatia Motorway and vertical axes system in relation to the project implementation progress, i.e. in relation to “before” and “after”. In this way the impacts on the social and economic cohesion shall be determined, as well as on the territorial planning, the transport system, and the environment in Northern Greece. The results, reports, and generally the material produced by the Observatory is supplied to the public and interested agencies over the Internet and through leaflets, events etc.

The objective of the Egnatia Motorway Observatory is to collect and process data, and calculate indicators to be used for monitoring the long-term impact of the motorway on the social and financial cohesion, the physical planning arrangement, the system of transport, and the environment.

The Observatory is being developed as a strategic tool providing information and support to policies and programmes of development planning, at the service not only of the EGNATIA ODOS A.E. but of all Regional and National Authorities and development agencies of the greater impact area of the axis.

The overall objective of the Egnatia Motorway Observatory is to:
•  Produce direct and continuous output on an annual basis.
•  Promote the cooperation and networking with similar organizations both at a national and international level, as well as with developmental agencies in the wider impact area of the motorway.

The results, reports, and generally the material produced by the Observatory is supplied to the public and interested agencies over the internet and through leaflets, events etc.

The Egnatia Motorway Observatory is the only Greek Observatory of Transports with a permanent organization and operation. It is a Unit of EGNATIA ODOS A.E. under the Support Services Division. By creating the Observatory and incorporating it in the existing structure of EGNATIA ODOS A.E. the maximum possible compatibility and complementarity with the other activities of the company is achieved, and at the minimum possible cost, as the existing human resources and equipment are utilized in a more rational and effective way.



Egnatia Odos Observatory: presenting the field and the resuts of activities , Oct. 2016 (.pdf, 4MB)

dFinal Report: The role and spatial impacts of Egnatia Motorway in SE Europe: multimodal trasnport, polycentricity and cross-border territorial cooperation (available in greek language)
d Executive summary

δ new 16-page brochure (.pdf, 2 MB)


lNEW PUBLICATION by Spatial Foresight:The future of Europe. And its territories? A response to the EC White Paper on the future of EU 27

The EC White Paper presents five possible scenarios for the future of EU27. It however ignores the effects that these scenarios have on European regions and cities. The Spatial Foresight position paper gives a response to that and points at some possible territorial implications for each of the five scenarios of the White Paper.


WATER MANAGEMENT & WASTE WATER TREATMENT IN EGNATIA ODOS MOTORWAY, Thalia Valkouma Biologist, MSc Environmentalist, MBA Head of Environmental Dpt. Egnatia Odos S.A. @ International Conference Industrial Waste & Wastewater Treatment & Valorisation 21 – 23 May 2015, Athens

ςς proceedings paper
d presentation

Goggle Maps Traffic Conditions (live)

k MAP: Route, interchanges/sections of Egnatia Odos motorway and progress of works on vertical axes, April 2015

New publication from EC-DGREGIO: Sixth Report on Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion
New on-line service by DGREGIO-EC: Cohesion Policy Open Data Platform
provides information about the investments made and the results obtained (as well as contextual data on the socio-economic situation in each EU country

k Maps of vehicles possesion in the impact zone of Egnatia motorway, 2005-2013 (.pdf, 16 MB)

f New factsheets(.pdf)
f Foreign trade
f Accessibility of cultural & tourist sites
f Composition of production by sector (GVA)
f Composition of employment by sector

Transport indicators Tables, 2012/2013

New factsheets (.pdf)
Accessibility of transport modes
Benefited population
Market size (GDP)
Work force
Growth and prosperity level (GDP per head)
Unemployment rate
Gross Value Added (GVA) per NUTS2-3 and production sector

Map: TEN-T corridors and network ("core" and "comprehensive" in Greece

presentation: monitoring the spatial impacts of egnatia motorway, Jan. 2012 (.pdf, 7,4 MB)
Presentation: "Trans-border movements in Northern Greece: seeking for spatial interactions" (.pdf, 1,5 MB)
>> full paper
(.pdf, 4 MB)
Time-distances between main cities in Norther Greece, before and after the Egnatia motorway (.pdf, 330 KB)
TRANSPORT POLICY AND TERRITORIAL COHESION – THE CASE OF THE EGNATIA MOTORWAY IN NORTHERN GREECE", presentaion given at the 4th international congress on transportation research in Greece", Athens, 28/05/2008 (.pdf, 900 KB)
1st spatial impacts report, March 2005
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